Welcome to Kappa Phi Lambda at the University of Michigan!

Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian-interest, but not Asian-exclusive, sorority valuing sisterhood, service,and cultural diversity. As sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda, we strive for academic excellence while making a positive impact in our community through various events we participate in and host on and off of the University of Michigan campus.

Our eternal sisterhood makes us one family, wherever we may be!

Kappa Phi Lambda first started at Binghamton University on March 9th, 1995 by 7 amazing ladies:

Elizabeth Choi *Wizard*, Karen Eng *Ladybug*, Rei Hirasawa *Energizer*, Hee Cho Moon *Hobbes*, Chae Yoo *Huckleberry*, Samantha Somchanhmavong *Homer* & Connie Yang *Koolaid*

We have expanded across the nation to over 30 schools, and have over 2500 sisters, so you’ll meet sisters everywhere you travel!

Kappa Phi Lambda at the University of Michigan was established on April 13, 2003 by 4 lovely ladies who became the charters for Phi Chapter:

Abigail Clark *Gravity*, Stephanie Dioso *Noelle*, Ann Hsueh *Brilliance* & Christine Ma *Sunkist*

Colors: Red, White & Heather Gray

Flower: Orchid

Gem: Diamond

Mascot: Phoenix

Now, there are 94 sisters who have explored and joined our eternal sisterhood!